Farhad Darya

To millions of Afghans, Farhad Darya symbolized the return of music after the Taliban’s fall in 2001. The Taliban banned music, films, and television in Afghanistan during their rule from 1996 until they were overthrown in 2001. After the Taliban’s fall, one of the first voices heard on radio was Farhad Darya who has been one of the most influential musicians on the popular Afghan music scene since the mid -1980’s. He went into exile when the Taliban ruled the country, but remained popular with millions of Afghans.

Farhad Darya currently resides in the USA. He is performing to large communities of exiled Afghans all over the world and has returned to Afghanistan several times to perform.

Arooss-e-Aftaw 03:43
Music by: Farhad Darya
Lyrics by: Qahar Asi
Published by: Rabaab Publishing Company
Licensed from: Darya Management