Aziza Brahim

In her songs, Aziza evokes exile, the right to freedom, and human rights. Aziza mixes her songs at concerts with speeches about Western Sahara, the disputed area invaded in 1975 by Morocco.

The authorities in Morocco censor her music because they consider her songs to champion and celebrate those Sahrawi people who have been tortured, killed, or reported missing during the conflict that has driven hundreds of thousands Sahrawis into neighbouring Algeria.

Aziza’s family comes from El Aaiun, the capital of former Spanish colony Western Sahara. She was in exile even before she was born. In 1976, her pregnant mother fled to a refugee camp in Tindouf, Algeria. Consequently, Aziza never met her father who stayed behind in the occupied area. She received a scholarship to study in Cuba at the age of eleven. She wanted to study music, but this was rejected. At 18 she left school to pursue a musical career. Aziza never forgot her roots and returned to the camps, not as a 19-year old musical ingénue, but as a voice for the Sahrawis – a people fighting for independence.

Regreso 05:31
Music by: Aziza Brahim
Lyrics by: Aziza Brahim
Published by: Master Own Reaktion
Licensed from: Aziza Brahim